Seasonal Shopping

Data was greeted with relief by the capital markets, but the Chinese authorities have warned that in 2016 the country’s exports will continue to be under pressure due to weak global demand. “Companies usually rushing to fulfill the contracts at the end of the year, which explains the increased exports in December, as was observed in previous years. However, this is not representative of the trend for the whole 2016 situation in the first quarter will still be relatively severe” said spokesman Juan Sonpin office.

Some economists warn that unexpectedly good results may be partly due to currency speculators using inflated reports on exports as a cover for removal of capital outside the country. “Since exports and imports to Hong Kong differ dramatically with overall trends, this suggests that it is a flight of capital,” says Olivier Baron of NSBO.

For all of 2015 the volume of China’s foreign trade reached 3.96 trillion. dollars, or 8% less than in 2014 the Government started the year with the aim of trade to grow by 6%. The central bank allowed the yuan devaluation by more than 5% since August, according to Reuters some economic advisers to the government demanding more sharply devalued by 10-15%.